the third annual
Peskeomskut Noisecapades

Saturday, Feb 2nd, 2013. 2pm-4pm.
weather that day:
low 30s/upper 20s, mostly cloudy, with some wind gusts. little to no snow present on ground.
river was flowing strong due to warm weather & heavy rains two days earlier, no ice cover.

mc / timekeeper: neil young cloaca
scribe / photographer: fafnir adamites
interstitial gong holder / videographer: ted lee
bonus photos: patrick stephenson

artists who participated:

bromp treb, limbs bin, mc + gelly, db russell, abortus fever, iceberg, jake meginsky, gastric lavage,
no sound, cycles inside, overture, torsten zenas burns, belltone suicide,
joshua vrysen + angela zammarelli, egg eggs, crank sturgeon, kate dollenmayer, dust savior, bryan gillig,
samuel rowlett, julia handschuh, cowards, luminous in nummer, laura ingals wilder, frozen corn,
miss olivia kennett, flaming dragons of middle earth.