Peskeomskut Noisecapades Inaugural
Saturday, February 5th, 2011.  Noon.  
conditions that day: overcast, 30s-40s, with the beginnings of a wintery mix storm,
about a 1.5 ft of snow on the ground

artists who participated:
Bromp Treb, Torsten Zenas Burns, Byron Coley + Matt Valentine, Abortus Fever, Overture,
Belltone Suicide, Cathe Janke, Woodland Friends, Noise Nomads, Cavebears, Ben Hersey,
Satan's Answering Machine, DB Russell, Joshua Burkett, Tumblecat Poof Poofy Poof, Bob &
Buds, Mt. Emult, Shea Mowat, No Sound, Emilie Mouchous, Florian Coco Schachtl,
Clam Shack 2000, Aaron Frozenblum, Matt Krefting + Andrea-Jane Cornell.

photos by cloaca y fafnir.
videos by ted here.