contact with Phantom Brains can be made by the follow means:

post: MPBE c/o Yeay! pobox7 turners falls, ma 01376 usa.

email: <kayleen AT>

in person: at the events.

submissions for consideration are always welcome, however, understand that i cannot reply to all submissions. In addition to your Film, DVD, CD, Vinyl Record, Book, Audio Cassette, VHS, miniDV, zine, Quicktime File or MP3 please provide some descriptive context about what, who, why your project is & provide details on how i may contact you. Although a tape obtusely labelled "sick rippers" might be amusing, it will likely be lost, only to be found covered in dustbunnies two years later, played for five minutes, & then taped-over or cut into a collage. maybe you want your work to do that.

Performance documents, video or film work (15mins or under), and lecture abstracts are greatly encouraged.

For 2009, the MPBE is stepping up to provide an informative program with admission to each event, whereby a handy two-sided, single piece of 11x17 b/w photocopied paper will be utilized. please consider submitting material: collaged scraps, drawings, comics, cutups, weather reports, seed calendars, musical scores, maps, diagrams, photos, catalogs, advertisements, dj playlists, hotlinks, armor designs, information relevant to that evening's proceedings, book/record/film reviews, advice, venetian blinds, plastic hamburgers, stereo cassette decks, gardening tips, facebook profiles, bold new initiatives, power grid schemata, fashion advice, clockwork manuals, and shapeshifter accounts. submission are accepted via post, email, or at the event.