Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #8.5

. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology decribes them as "a familiar sight on suburban lawns, the Common Grackle can be recognized by its iridescent purple and bronze plumage and long, keel-shaped tail." Jerky guitar & saxophone pecking over uppity punk grooves inna heavy freakout stylee - or something like that. These mofos shred aluminum lawnchairs & are returning suburban waste to the wild prairies and forests that they should be. They're on tour out from their Pittsburgh nestingplace, so let's show em some love. (Grackles' bassist suffered head trauma & their van died in Maine, so Zebu covered their spot in the very LAST minute!)

Noise Nomads mines the under-used volcanic slurry beneath the Connecticut. It is the lifelong solo project of Jeff Hartford, a master doodler, zinemaker, & noisician with a visceral knowledge of western mass, duct tape, soils, and large peavy amplifiers. Noise Nomads channels the pain of the Paleolithic collapse and delivers some juicy cathartic goods.

Brickhouse regulars Moscow Mule will be dousing us in their flammable material of the unhinged percussive wash of Cory Matthews swirling around the gross shards of bass & throat overload of Florian Coco Shactl. Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth mastermind Danny Cruz is joining Moscow Mule for this rare set, most likely guiding the band into territories far darker than they have ever been before. Although these three are used to working in the more spawling & orchestral FDOME setting, they have decided to deliver a more concentrated dose of "possession session" in this chamber-trio format. Hear the masters up close and without all that black-tie formality!

The lecture for this show is gonna be a 13 minute video called "Ilha Das Flores (Island of Flowers)" by Jorge Furtado. It's a brilliant Brazilian flick that is a dense & fast-paced, "ironic, heartbreaking and acid 'saga' of a spoiled tomato."

DJ 1 2 X U will be spinning records twixt sets - He represents deep Holyoke roots and virtues, and his skills on the decks float like bricks in a riot. Mashups, quickcuts and collisions of hiphop, hardcore, dub, noise and who knows what will crack ears and open minds.

Oh! and opening the proceedings will be a brief set by a fresh unit of sputtering anarcho-punk from TF's Bank$hot.