Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #8

As Crank Sturgeon has cried from atop multiple altitudes, tears streaming down his cheek, duct-tape on his crotch, "I am a cardboard sturgeon every day of my life." And thus it is spoken. A high caliber blackbelt master of the low and middle brow performance arts, Mister Sturgeon artfully slices & dices, making a more digestable bolus that has the nutritional entertainment value our audience deserves. One of Maine's strangest, he's been droppin his noise tapes in the foulest waters the world over since the early 90's. Spastic Bags of Fun! Leverett-based Cave Bears have been doing advanced research in special-people music, and recently they have made startling discoveries in counter-intuitive composition & non-listening improvisation, presenting these findings in various odd encampments & houseparties around the valley. Currently touring the east coast this august as a trio of Carrie, Mary, & Nick, the Cave Bears have been known to pull various degenerates and nonmusicians into their ranks, making for a very unpredictable, sometimes volatile performance style. Also, they have hosted two "Dubious LIftings' Festivals at their Lab/Shack in the woods this summer, further enriching the already fertile soil of this valley by pulling in wider & lesser-known strains from the weirdo diaspora of new england. Tarp is biscuits n' gravy for synthesizers. They have a 7" record out on Breaking World Records / Apostasy Recordings. Conrad Capistran and Joshua Burkett make up the two-man-riot of sweeps & boops. Push a boulder down a hill, wrestle without a mat. Radical Readout Press author & charming popsong writer Chris Weisman will be lecturing on "Nonmusical Patterns and Their Musical Use," something we've been wanting him to do for some time. Black Sand DJs Jeremy Pisani & Conrad Capistran will load the decks with obscure heaviness and as we rock out between sets, there will be violet custard poofs of light and vines crawling out of the PA speakers, up into the ceiling. listen to their sick radio show online here: copy that?