Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #6

for the first summertime vibrations, please fry your logic boards and sleep with me and the punks down by the river after the show. aquanet flamethrowers, plastic bucket drums, & fireflies swirling above the islands. Sound poet & junk noise collagist sasquatch ID M Theft Able from the moose infested blueberry scrub of rural Maine has found a new migratory route that plunks him right on our laps for the evening. Mr. TheftAble's performances are thrilling exploding tapestries of live sound effects and vocal acrobatics. Your proverbial stick will be slapped. When he's not engaged in debates with red squirrels or touring, he runs the entertaining Mang Disc imprint and the virtually squeezable institution/website. check him out here in Italy:

Goat of Arms (Ivanna Bergese & and Nell Ma'luf) are a duo of from the Boston that make imaginary kyrgyz pop music out of a multi-phonic soup of drums, voices and accordion. The 100% Breakfast label will be putting out their debut record this fall. check out an old cut from 2004 here: As a bonus treat, Ivanna from Goat of Arms will also be DJing the MPBE proceedings. From makin punks sweat at Providence warehouse parties to rockin bboy/bgirl battles in Argentina (where her family's from), she's been dropping needles on eclectic selections for the past 10 years, doing radio broadcasts for WZBC, and regularly jammin with Boston's experimental party music weekly, Beat Research. A restless activist and promoter of creative endeavors, she runs a traveling art show in Argentina and Chile called 'Escupido de la Panza de la Bestia' a cultural exchange that will be coming to Boston this fall.

Western Mass print & noise artist Lauren Pakradooni will perform solo as PAK, where she manipulates scratchy four track tapes & contact-mic'ed machines into a loopy bliss - sometimes like salt on a margarita glass sometimes like grit in a canvas shoe. She likes hair, crooked things, zombies, and oil slick. There's some pretty incredible posters she's made out there, plus her sonic output is grippable from the indomitable Breaking World Records. an underexposed blurry holyoke view:

Matthew Krefting did not make it, instead, we had a wonderful lecture by Ms Megan Buckingham on the Evolution & Origins of Human Body Hair.