Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #5
The Fishladder is OPEN - migratory fish & birds are crisscrossing our village. This month, the Phantom Brain Exchange celebrates the spring life explosion by saluting hard traveling critters of all stripe.

DARK INSIDE THE SUN is the solo act of mister Steve Gigante from Allentown, PA. A prolific songwriter & incendiary performer, Steve operates in two equally intense modes - pummeling & chaotic multidirectional multi-instrumental electric caveman blues and intimate florid acoustic tunes. In constant motion, Gigante has toured extensively performing solo & in many stellar outfits such as 7 Year Rabbit Cycle, Brother JT, and more recently in the critically-hailed psychfolk duo W-S Burn.

SLAUGHTERHOUSE PERCUSSION DUO. Jake Meginski (Bennington, VT) & John Truscinski (Brooklyn, NY) found eachother hanging from meathooks deep in the cooler of an abandoned slaughterhouse in Amherst, MA. Their hypnotic compositions are vast explorations of interwoven texture & rhythm utilizing drums, bowls, bows, and other debris. This ain't no hippy shit, their beats will sublimate your blood into vapor.

"To Be Regained" by ZACH IANNAZZI (16mm, sound/color. 8mins) Zach's experimental film approaches the subject of humanity's attempts to correct its imprint on nature, more specifically, interventions with anadromous fish reproductive & migratory cycles on dammed-up and polluted rivers. The short is beautiful and unsettling, mixing found footage, reprinted & handprocessed film over a soundtrack of interviews & observations by folks up and down the connecticut.

EMMA YOUNG will be lecturing on "Correspondence As a Literary Form." Young is a poet, printer, & book-maker. Her work has been published in the Montague Reporter, which could quite possibly make her cooler than everyone performing tonight.

Esteemed guest DJ will be Joshua Burkett, a quiet, brilliant star, nervous guitarist, cool synth operator, & enabler of us all as the co-proprietor of the pillar amherst institution, Mystery Train Records. His taste is impeccable, expect the unexpected.