Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #4
"Welcome To The Space Jams" Compiled by Weissbach & Balcom, this collection of films (& videos) offers a heightened sense of subjectivity which aims to refocus the way in which space is seen through moments of contact between the camera (filmmaker/audience etc.) and the atmosphere. Slip on your space suit, our sights are set on the moon, let us cohabitate. Short works by: RP Whitmore-Bard, Josh Weissbach, Jesse Johnson, Schuyler Kelly, Christina Mirando, & Ben Balcom.

Bill Nace will be performing a solo set of crackling sci-fi soundscapes made with prepared guitar manipulated with any manner of files, bowls, and unsundry metal objects & processed with a small collection of effects pedals. Nace has been kicking around western mass for quite a few years, drawing obsessive psychodelic miniatures, running the Open Mouth record label, and making an incredible racket with his guitar in groups such as x.o.4, Vampire Belt/Can't, & Northampton Wools. He's improvised in many contexts with the likes of Sara Jaffe, Thurston Moore, Chris Cooper, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Chris Corsano, Paul Flaherty, and gaggles of others.

Pyramid Scheme Consisting of Victor Signore (saxophone), J Starpoli (trombone), and Josiah Cuneo (drums and percussion), the trio Pyramid Scheme creates original music with an experimental mindset. Freewheeling explorations of sound color and loudness fuse with original material and diverse approaches to musical communication. Using acoustic instruments, Pyramid Scheme's music reflects the band's experiences with audio and visual art, academic and esoteric knowledge, underground radio, technology and performance.

James Atkinson is a grad student at umass studying physics. For 15 minutes he will drop knowledge bombs on the subject of quantum physics.

Tumble Cat Poof Poofy Poof will DJ the evening's proceedings, giving your host Cloaca, a badly needed rest. TCPPP is another amazing artist who crafts wonder from pencils & boomboxes. Every Sunday night, you can hear his show, "Green Horns, Round Daggers, Brittle Teeth" on WXOJ-LP 103.3 FM, Valley Free Radio.

PSA for WMUA 91.1 FM by Phloyd Starpoli