Montague Phantom Brain Echange #3.5
"Who is Bozo Texino?" by Bill Daniel. 56 min. B/W. Who is Bozo Texino? chronicles the search for the source of a ubiquitous and mythic rail graffiti-- a simple sketch of a character with an infinity-shaped hat and the scrawled moniker, "Bozo Texino"-- a drawing seen on railcars for over 80 years. Shooting over a 16-year period, Daniel rode freights across the West carrying a Super-8 sound camera and a 16mm Bolex. During his quest he discovered the roots of a folkloric tradition that has gone mostly unnoticed for a century. Taking inspiration from Beat artists Robert Frank and Jack Kerouac, the film functions as both a sub-cultural documentary and a stylized fable on wanderlust and outsider identity. Photographer & filmmaker Bill Daniel has been documenting various marginal scenes since he first got into punk rock in Austin, Texas in the 80's. Since then his subcultural documentary subjects have included bicycle messengers, radical environmentalists, hobo graffiti artists, swap meet guitar players, rural drag racers, and "water squatters"--outlaw anchored live-aboards.

Jacob Berendes (electric guitar / voice) Worcester meister of many trades, songwriter, comic-drawer, pizza-eater, storyteller, fibber & eccentric proprietor of the Happy Birthday Mike Leslie Junk Shoppe, Jacob will astound with his squawky gorrilla amp and lyrics depicting the harrowing beauty of the life in the central-mass zone.

The Vaudevillains are charming local thugs who play scratchy acoustic-thrash versions of gypsy jazz tunes played at speeds they can can barely keep up with & croon with eye-bulging force and conviction.