Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #18
Chris Corsano Exusamwa lecture by Dr. Abby Drake DJ Angela Weirdo Sawyer videos by Carrie Bren

Running of the Lampreys season is upon us and that means the american shad, atlantic salmon, grey sloped seasquid, rite aid shopping carts, & rare vhs tapes are valiantly bumbling up the Connecticut River in search of some sexual healing. You've got until June to climb into the Fishway Viewing Facility, so don't miss it: after that, put on your helmet & come out to see this spectacle:

Percussion wunderkind Chris Corsano will delight you with his multi-tentacled razzmatazz for drumkit, tubes/reeds, bells/bowls, bows/strings and whatever friggin crap he decides to alchemize for his golden arsenal against evil. Yeah he's played all over the world in wild and wooly improvising combos of countless illustrious freejazzers, sonic youthers, merzbowers, & bjorkers, but the real out of body rituals happen when he stirs the tornado solo.

Ukulele powered synth drum pop performance splatter club force beast warrior from untold dimensions, Exusamwa, have a name that their own members refuse to pronounce correctly. What we know is that they hail from Boston/Cambridge area, have members of such grand units as Fat Day, Goat of Arms & Life Partners AND that one of them, Angela Sawyer, runs the very swell Weirdo Records shop & mailorder. She will be multitasking this evening by also playing odd vinyl selected by a very bossy episcopalian cockatiel.

Dr. Abby Drake will present her talk "Hopeful Monsters: The Evolutionary Biology of Dogs," where she'll discuss species concepts, evolution, skulls and love. Dr. Drake got her PhD 2004 from Umass Amherst, did postdoc work at the University of Manchester (UK), and more recently taught for two years at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Get your woof on.

Lastly but not leastly, wmass hilltowner Carrie Bren will present a few of her short video works detailing the chattery decaying spaces of digital video downloads, with spectacularly smearing colors from grotesque representations & maligned pixels.

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