Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #17
QFWFQ Duo will be treating our eyes & ears to a serious scrambling with their interactive sound & video performance. "Composer and sound artist Andrea Pensado teamed up with digital artist Greg Kowalski in Krakow, Poland, in 1997 to form Qfwfq duo. The duo's main concern has been live sound-image interaction and the use of movement to articulate complex sounds and digital visual material. Their work is highly performative and often involves the use of sensors and/or motion tracking devices."

K Olive Mckeon (+ Lily Gold) will present their choreographic piece "The microphone check one two." Olive mckeon makes dances and writes/reads on radical aesthetics, political economy, and theories of spectatorship. She had a bunny rabbit named Rogée who was lost in the woods. She is currently a graduate student at NYU where she studies with marxist dance scholar Randy Martin. Lily Gold is a dancer, choreographer, collagist, installation artist, analog photographer, costume designer, welder, sculptor, and up-for-barter maker of wearable art and things out of other things. She may be associated with such groups as the royal frog ballet and bottomheavy productions.

Syracuse, NY filmmaker Kate Raney will be presenting a couple short works from a series of videos reediting classic hollywood scenes of psychological collapse in disorienting swirls of color & meaning.

Springfield Scholar in residence at the New Haven School of Esoterics, Gerald Clark III will present his talk "Sodom, Gomorrah, Northampton: Every Tongue Shall Tell," a cursory look into the ancient ethereal (occult) mind sciences, and history of hyper-dimensional light beings of Western Massachusetts. Born with the sun in gemini, and moon in pisces, Mister Clark has spent significant time fermenting various foods, living on the Great Plains, & skulking around the hidden corridors of ivy league schools.

DJ Les Des Gustor stumbled down the hill to rock the decks for this one.