Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #16 @ the National Spiritual Alliance (earlier time: 8PM!)

This event is at a very special & unusual venue, The National Spiritual Alliance, which is nested in the clandestine jewel of the five Montague villages, Lake Pleasant. The sweet folks at TNSA are renting their cozy gathering place for us to hold our special deep listening session, so pile into a car or ride your bike down these mysterious paths that lead to the heart of the Montague Plain. It is literally a mile & a half northeast of the Bookmill, only on roads & trails that many of you never knew existed. Learn about TNSA/Lake Pleasant & PLEASE follow the directions that they have on their website (or look at map attached, either way, Google has the address all wrong!):

Mary Halvorson (guitar) & Jessica Pavone (viola) are "a Brooklyn-based collaborative duo that have been working together for over four years composing and performing a unique body of music, drawing from classical, jazz and folk traditions while experimenting with new forms. Their music explores improvisation and composition while utilizing amplification and electronic effects as well as acoustic presentation. The compositions in their current repertoire generally range in length from two to six minutes, with each of them composing separate pieces for the project." A long impressive list of collaborations trail behind them & both have worked in composer/reedsman Anthony Braxton's various ensembles. They're on the cover of this month's Signal To Noise mag & they have been getting mad press attention for their new record :"Thin Air.'

Horse Boys is the singular creation of new hampshirean poet/noisian/collagist Zach Phillips. With the Horse Boys, his focus has been on the basic western childhood musical apparatus the keyboard/piano. Channeling the idiot savant, he clobbers the keys with joyful melody & and squeezes out Cecil Taylorian tonal permutations. Under this moniker he has one tape out (to my knowledge) & a million others under different names/approaches like Heat Wilson, Sord, & Nals Goring.

The RICE Ensemble is a multi-dimensional sound unit dedicated to expressing musical vibrations as a perceptual substance to be shaped into unique artifacts for each performance. Led by composer /improviser J Starpoli (a.k.a. Phloyd RICE), the Ensemble exists to actualize original musical concepts across a wide range of styles. Drawing on fringe traditions of world-wide experimental music, unorthodox theory, and quack science, the RICE Ensemble creates sonic textures and materials that exist within themselves to be actively reinterpreted by the listener. Follow the sound. J Starpoli (aka Phloyd RICE) is an experimental musician based in Western Massachusetts. As a composer and improviser, Starpoli's work explores the multiple dimensions of musical sounds and multiple styles of organizing the sounds into music. Focusing on original music, Starpoli has over fifteen years history performing on trombone and bass strings. He has collaborated with other musicians in bands such as Correspondence Quartet, Squidlaunch, Resistance Blue duo, and the Middletown Creative Orchestra.

We are thrilled to have pi (aka Pat Ireton) share with us slides & a talk about her 'energy photos' - tracing a trajectory from performances in the Boston punk scene in the 80's through vermont psychfolks of the past 20 years. Mellow boombox cassette jockeying will go on thru the night with Tumblecat & Cloaca trading tapes on the ones & twos..