Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #14
Keith Fullerton Whitman is trekking Rte 2 from the frosted Eastern Ring of Massachusetts to present his basketfuls of sonic finery. Those of you familiar with the various shards of electronic dance musics at the turn of this century, might recall Whitman routinely eviscerating samples under the Hrvatski moniker. These days his time is divided between maintaining the impressive Mimaroglu Music Sales webstore & composing/performing deftly articulated masterpieces of electro-acoustic music incorprating "elements from nearly every era: a reel-to-reel tape machine, a selection of small "jerry-rigged" / "circuit-bent" battery-powered sound-producing boxes, an analog modular synthesizer, an early "consumer" home-computer, and at the core; a contemporary computer running a custom-built max-msp based modular system that both controls these elements and acts as a central conduit into which their sounds are captured/collected, processed, then diffused to up to eight separate channels/speakers/amplifiers." If neither that spiel nor info from these links below stirs a boner, i'd suggest peeping the Mimaroglu site, as it is rich with cross-referenced detail and elevates record browsing to an educational experience.

Time bandits of minimal drone propagation, Idea Fire Company consistently strike detailed tableaux from the larger Anti-Naturals epic. The core duo of Scott Foust & Carla Borecky have previously harnessed the robust talents of Meara O'Reilly, Jessi Swenson, Matt Krefting, Frans de Waard, Graham Lambkin, and Dr. Timothy Shortell. For this evening's performance, they will be joined by Son-of-Earther & Burroughs scholar Matt Krefting.

As if 2009 couldn't get any better, IFCO founder Scott Foust has agreed to provide us with some context & deliver his lecture entitled "How to Make Your Life into an Art Object." The perfect Phantom Brain Exchange material indeed! After this, you will be able to define what is hyperbole & what is fact. But wait, "Who is Scott Foust?" you ask - this answer can be found on the Swill Radio site: "Visionary theorist, musician, composer, filmmaker, performance artist- Scott Foust is a true outsider artist. Unlike most outsider artists, who tend to be mystical crackpots or mental defectives (usually both), Foust has a clear world view grounded in reality. For three decades Foust, now 50, has pounded away at The Spectacle, employing a wide array of aesthetic approaches with no public or financial support. Foust's hermeneutics lie at the strange crossroads between Guy Debord and Oscar Wilde. If Foust's ideas seem idealistic and impractical at first, it is only because being against power and for beauty is always idealistic and impractical. His Swill Radio record label, founded in 1983, has released not only his own work, but LPs by The Shadow Ring, Asmus Tietchens, and Ralf Wehowsky among others. His longest running musical project, Idea Fire Company (founded with long time associate Karla Borecky in 1988) - while not having the bloated catalog of many contemporary bands - produced three of the finest, if still unknown LPs of the last decade: Anti-Natural, Stranded, and The Island Of Taste. In 1997 Foust along with Borecky and Dr. Timothy Shortell founded the Anti-Naturals, an art and theory group which has few but dedicated members worldwide." Can somebody on this list write his Wikipedia entry?

Lastly and thoroughly, DJ Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase (aka Chris Cooper) will be slingin' vinyl from his vast stacks. Another highly knowledgeable dude with a taste for the obtuse, obscure, & opulent, your ears will be rewarded with his selections.