Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #11

Come get stuffed on this eve of thanks. Welcome our wmass ex-pats home, and revel in plugging & unplugging our phantom brains with lost theories, druggy beats, flopping tongues, & harmolodic reveilles. Headlining our celebration this month will be the Flaherty, Voigt, & Karetnick Trio, a cell of new england freedom fighters that have been waging a guerilla campaign to spread around the urgent sound. From west, former wmass representative Karetnick will lay out a multidirectional pulse from the kit & various percussion. From the east, bostonian Voigt will masterfully operate the thumpstaff with abandon. From the south, hartford yeoman, good sir Flaherty will launch lightning bolts from his saxophones. All three of these dudes have fat dossiers on their work in jazz & improvised music circles, and have collaborated independently with such artists as: Joe McPhee, Raphe Malik, Chick Corea, Thurston Moore, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Keith Jarrett, Bill T. Jones, Chris Corsano, Daniel Carter, Cliff White, Sabir Mateen, Assif Tsahar, Tuli Kupferberg, Jemeel Moondoc. To understate, "this should be a pretty sweet set." Blue Shift is solo artist Cybele Collins, a former happy-valleyite, she's now reppin' Providence with her hi-intensity violin shreddage. Her string science is equal parts howling brutality & swooning fancy. Check this vid of her in Antwerp: Archivist of the obscure and insane, poet, critic, and Deerfield slayer, Byron Coley will be presenting a lecture discussing Richard Meltzer's 'Tongue Theory' outlined in the 1970 book, "The Aesthetics of Rock." We have been assured that the fruits of Coley's research are of an adequately fermented paste. Here are the cliffsnotes: ex-Squidlaunch guitarist & co-editor of the infamous Drug Salad zine, Shawn Smith will be rocking our very first microphone devoted to ten minutes of comedy. This could become a regular feature of the Phantom Brain Exchange or fall into disuse, now the pressure is on. Twixt sets will be The AlterDestiny DJs - G-field's Low Power FM duo Ben Mocro & Andujar Rule, an indestructable tag team spinning the sounds of space and the blood in yr skull.