Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #10
A gang guerilla of Phantom Brains setup shop in the hills above Sleepy Hollow, systematically taking out horsemen as they cruised on by. Finally they nailed that Headless one, so it should be a matter of days before they'll have the secrets of flaming pumpkinheads. Until then, this is what they got: a really good show up the street in Turners Falls. Semi-confusing sculptural improvisational performance art crew from NYC Eagle Ager will be bombing us with cardboard. This is what they told me: "Eagle Ager is a group of artists who work together. The group is currently comprised of artists who describe themselves as performers, musicians, dancers, actors, painters, builders, designers, directors, learners. Eagle Ager approaches a balance between individual will and collective intention. Our work gives form to the relationship that is informed by the history, belief, desire, expectation and intention of the individual and the collective. "Where do I end and we/you begin?" By engaging in a personal act of creation while synchronizing efforts to share and create as a group, we expand our individual possibilities. Through expanding this spectrum of intention, the work reflects a more universal intention. In performance, we manifest our relationship to this universal intention. Eagle Ager becomes the individual and the audience becomes the collective." Russian Tsarlag is a tsarcastically gurggling monotone hillbilly zombie that is tormented by tapelooped monkey laughter. He'd be a greater pervert-threat if his arm didn't keep falling off, or if he could just get the cobwebby cave-reverb kill-mantra out of his head. Russian Tsarlag is somehow unsettlingly familiar but wholly unreal. Weird junk straight from the hoosier noodle of Carlos Gonzalez who some of you might know from his work with other comix-noise-punk freaks like Dynasty, Hepatitis Youth, & Byron House. He lives in a dusty crate marked "ark of the covenant," forgotten in some warehouse in Providence. For this evening's program, he will be showing a short video followed by a performance. This month's 'lecture' is going to be our first foray into the 'live interview' format in the mold of Dick Cavett or maybe Larry King, only our host will be favorite local pundit-of-the-underground, Sonic Youther, noise-lifer Thurston Moore. With Couric-sharp precision, Thurston will be scooping the brain of our esteemed guest, Danny Fields, the first Phantom Brain Exchange presenter with his own Wikipedia page. Who is Danny Fields? Wikipedia wasn't enough, so I went to my buddy, filmmaker Brendan Toller & this is what he told me about Danny Fields: "Harvard Business School dropout. WFMU DJ in 1968! First man to be censored on Public Access TV. Published the "we're bigger than jesus" Lennon quote that proudly brought down the Beatles. May or may not have dated Pete Townshend. Once had a 20 minute phone conversation with Andy Warhol about rimming. Publicist to the Doors, accused of kidnapping Jim Morrisson. Manager of the Stooges, Ramones, & Modern Lovers. Signed MC5, Nico to Elektra. Lived below Divine. Thinks rock n roll ended in 1995 with the breakup of Soundgarden. Directed a few gay porn flicks." This should be a spicy conversation. oh yeah, his link: Our guest on the decks this month is none other than DJ Phloyd Rice, sharing selections from the omniverse and beyond.