Montague Phantom Brain Eexchange (2008 - 2010):

The Montague Phantom Brain Exchange was a regular event of challenging entertainments hosted/curated by a Mr. Cloaca. A typical eveningincluded two to three performing acts, a fifteen-minute lecture, selections from a guest DJ & sometimes a short video or film.

A potlatch of ghost-intellect. Sometimes you could overhear this conversation between the missing muscle & its memory. Phantom Brains dreamt up this dimension, our duty was to make it fascinating.

These events occurred from 9pm to midnight / one-ish, at the Rendezvous 78 3rd St Turners Falls, MA 01376 USA.
Bonus events happened sporadically around various venues in the Five Villages of Montague.


here is the history in semi-scrambled chronology:

(There is hard drives worth of documents of these events still unprocessed - contact me if interested in a really crazy task)

Montague Phantom Brain Exchange 2010 Season:
#25 - January 27th, 2010. Dog Synth. Form A Log. Jackson Hoose. videos by Rose Mackey & Andrea Love. lecture by Cloaca, DJ vaporattack
#26 - April 28th, 2010. Dilettante. Shea Mowat. videos by Jeff Striker. lecture by Emily Brewster. DJ Jenny O.
#27 - July 28th, 2010. Lo-Res Peppers, Ambergris, lecture by Maria Danielson. DJ Abby Big Banks.
#28 - THE LAST ONE. :::: Jessica Ciocci, Bimbo Shrineheads, Kieran Lally, films by Jo Dery, DJ Cloaca, & lecture on Finality by Mary Carol.

Montague Phantom Brain Exchange 2009 Season:
#14 - February 25, 2009. Keith Fullerton Whitman, Idea Fire Company, lecture by Scott Foust, DJ Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase.
#15 - March 25, 2009. Dan Friel, Peter Bonos, video by Angela Zammarelli, lecture by Dan Linton, DJ Cloaca.
#16 - April 18, 2009. Mary Halvorson & Jessica Pavone Duo, RICE Ensemble, Horse Boys, slideshow/lecture by pi, Cassette DJ's Tumblecat & Cloaca. @ The National Spiritual Alliance.
#17 - April 29, 2009. Qfwfq Duo, Olive McKeon & Lily Gold, films by Kate Raney, lecture by Gerald Clark III, DJ Les Des Gustor.
#18 - May 27, 2009. Chris Corsano, Exusamwa, videos by Carrie Bren, lecture by Dr. Abby Drake, DJ Angela Weirdo Sawyer.
#19 - June 24, 2009. Epicureans, Lyn Goeringer, video by Overture Brown, lecture & DJ Bex Taylor.
#20 - July 29, 2009. Daily Life, Liz Tonne, Crespo / Schneiderman Duo, lecture by Lily Sage, ADDJ.
#21 - October 28, 2009. Sord , Erin Schneider, video by Torsten Zenas Burns + Darrin Martin, lecture by Laura Deutsch, DJ Scott Seward.
#22 - November 21, 2009. Felix Kubin, Gerty Farish, Schurt Kwitters, lecture by Deborah Frenkel, DJ Byron Coley. @ The National Spiritual Alliance.
#23 - November 25, 2009. DJ Cloaca & Ansel. that was it!
#24 - December 30, 2009. SOUNDPOETRY WASSAIL!! w/ Andy Laties & Rebecca Migdal, IdMtheftABLE, Ben Hersey, Mr. Uterus & Pretty Danny, AnthroRex, David Russell, lecture by Matt Krefting.

Montague Phantom Brain Exchange 2008 Season:
#1 - January 30. Ducktails. films by Mt. Emult. lecture by D.B. Russell. Dj Cloaca.

#2 - February 27. Christopher Weisman. Barn Owl. Pattern Diver. lecture by Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno. Dj Cloaca.
#3 - March 26. Ross Goldstein. Jesse Stiles. films by Penny Lane. BenGeorge7. lecture by Jamie Berger. Dj Cloaca.
#3.5 - April 23. films by Bill Daniel. Jacob Berendes. Vaudevillains. @ the Brickhouse.
#4 - April 30. films by Weissbach, Balcom & more. Bill Nace. Pyramid Scheme. lecture by James Atkinson. Dj Tumblecat Poof Poofy Poof.
#5 - May 28. Dark Inside the Sun. Jake Meginsky. film by Zach Ianazzi. lecture by Emma Young. Dj Joshua Burkett.
#6 - June 25. ID M TheftAble. Goat of Arms. Pak. lecture by Megan Buckingham. Dj Philomena.
#7 - July 30. Argumentix. Extreme Animals. Jason Martin. Budweiser Sprite. Fortress of Amplitude. lecture by Dr. Veronica Lopez. Dj Snack Attack.
#8 - August 27. Crank Sturgeon. Cave Bears. Tarp. lecture by Chris Weisman. Dj Blacksand.
#8.5 - September 8. Grackles (cancelled). Noise Nomads. Moscow Mule w/ Danny Cruz. Bank$hot. lecture by Jorge Furtado (screened "Ilhas das Flores"). Dj 1 2 X U. @ the Brickhouse.

#9 - September 24. Evolutionary Jass Band. Slaughterhouse Percussion Duo. Hora Flora. lecture by George Shapiro. Dj Cloaca.
#10 - October 29. Eagle Ager. Russian Tsarlag. Bull Tongue interviews Danny Fields. Dj Phloyd Rice.
#11 - November 26. Flaherty / Voigt / Karetnick Trio. Blue Shift. Shawn Smith. lecture by Byron Coley. AlterDestiny Djs

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"The basic problem is that across the eons of time, the standard theories suggest, the universe can recur over and over again in an endless cycle of big bangs, but it’s hard for nature to make a whole universe. It’s much easier to make fragments of one, like planets, yourself maybe in a spacesuit or even — in the most absurd and troubling example — a naked brain floating in space. Nature tends to do what is easiest, from the standpoint of energy and probability. And so these fragments — in particular the brains — would appear far more frequently than real full-fledged universes, or than us. Or they might be us." -